The Hard Things I Want to Do

Published on August 07, 2019 • 1 min read

I've come to realize that I'm most fulfilled while making progress towards very hard goals, the kind of goals that you're afraid to tell other people about. I'm a firm believer that anything which doesn't break the laws of physics is possible, and achieving a daunting goal is simply a matter of understanding its price, and then paying it. Most of the goals I want to achieve require a lot of time and effort, so I think carefully before I put anything on this list. While I do believe it's possible to achieve anything, I understand I cannot do everything. I'm also interested in the continuous journey of achieving these goals rather than the discrete (and finite) point of arrival. This means even if I don't achieve them a goal in my lifetime, I would have thoroughly enjoyed working towards it.

Hard Goals

  • Start a billion+ dollar company.
  • Join the 1,000 lb. powerlifting club.
  • Go to space (corollary: visit the Moon).
  • Ride my bicycle across the United States.
  • Get my private pilot's license.


  • Go through Y Combinator. (2019)

Once a goal gets put on the list, I promise not to remove it, and I track my progress towards each goal using Super.